COVID-19 Graduates with Japanese Robots in Japan

We used robotic robes.Business Breakthrough University of Tokyo held a graduation ceremony in robotics during the Corona virus.BBT University is celebrating its university graduation with Newme mobile robots, according to Business Insider. The Newme robot is fully clothed and has a tablet in the front. Make a Zoom TV call from the tablet and the student has to graduate from a distance.

The graduation ceremony was held on March 28 at the Hotel Grand Palace, Tokyo, with four students and a few school administrators attending. The Newme robot used in the graduation was made by ANA Holdings. Graduates watched this dissertation using the Zoom platform in their room.

The Newme robot, which was attended by the students, was controlled by the students themselves. When a student named Omei Kennyi, the head of the university for the graduation, the student’s face appeared on the screen and took the diploma.

The graduation ceremony was a traditional event, but the ceremony was held by a university professor, as well as a photo of a Newme robot who graduated on behalf of the graduates. This degree illustrates that being forced to stay home because of the Coronavirus has become more and more used in social life.

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