Huawei can affect how the problem on your phone

The strike on US-China trade popular Google services company China’s Huawei phones in emerging technologies are no longer issued.

I’m banned in Huawei’s next-maker’s mobile phone models with Google technology will not use the application.

So how on user impact, Can result in interesting.

In many other markets in Asia, including Myanmar’s dominant Huawei phones have affected some of the potential information below.

(1) Huawei phone to those who currently use an upgrade application Google Play Store’s services currently use continue to upgrade.

(2) later, but from Google’s new Android system will not use Huawei equipment.

(3) Another reason is that will produce more from Huawei smartphones, Tablets, and YouTube (YouTube) Google Maps no longer in the system, etc..

(4) In recent Huawei Android, the smartphone is used, the system is used under license.

Huawei is currently one of the world’s people who use their smartphones and tablets to upgrade security measures, according the sale and service will continue to be provided.

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