Taiwan to help startups affected by the Coronavirus

It will also help with R&D.The Taiwanese government will provide support for the region’s tech-based startup startup, which is facing the COVID-19 economic crisis.

Regional sanctions; In Taiwan, some of the small tech companies are suffering from a slowdown in global demand and worries from investors during the Corona virus. On April 6, ZDNet said that applications were received for a special investment in Taiwan startups, which were badly affected by the National Development Council COVID-19.

“The National Development Fund Executive Yuan has approved the new venture to provide the funds needed to operate the new businesses affected by the Corona virus,” the NDC statement said. Under the new investment plan, the NDC will provide start-ups for six to 12 months, and in turn, some of the stock will be acquired by the NDC.

Applicants in this program qualify as a startup. You will need to explain how the virus was affected during the Corona virus and how the funds will be used. Additionally, stock insurance conditions, The price and the actual amount must be specified.

It also says that it will take about 6 months to complete the application. The NDC’s funding program includes travel, tourism and tourism. Transportation Production; Startups will be covered by the service sector. The Taiwanese government also provides support programs for various businesses.

Taiwan Government-Supported Technology Research Institute Chung Yew, manager of the International Science and Technology Strategic Center, says the various support programs will help individuals and businesses overcome difficulties together.

Currently, we are offering interest rates and assistance as well as extending credit insurance. Extending old loans; Electricity and hydro-electric load balancing services are available. It also helps in long-term industrial transformation and in economic development, such as research and development.

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