Used in Florida to drive COVID-19 tests

Used in Florida to drive COVID-19 tests.It is the first COID-19 pilot to be delivered in the United States.A medical center in Jacksonville, Florida, is using driverless cars to deliver the results of COVID-19.

For the first time in the United States, driverless vehicles and medical equipment; Mayo Clinic has announced that it is carrying out a test of the coronavirus. The center will launch a driverless car program in the center, with the Jacksonville Transport Authority and two unmanned startups, Beep, Kuala Lumpur. The Engadget News reports that the partnership was conducted by Navya.

The Mayo Clinic Center’s driverless car program aims to reduce virus exposure and give patients more time to care for patients. Starting on March 30, the airline runs daily with four small unmanned buses.

“Jacksonville transport organization is a historic moment,” JTA’s CEO Jonathan Daniel Ford said. “We are partners, such as Beep, NAVYA with the Mayo Clinic in the Ultimate Urban Circulator Program using the three-year study to test driverless return to northeast Florida to respond to the crisis, received access to technology. COVID-19 test Fair and safe. ”

The driverless cars used in the Mayo Clinic compound are autonomous, while the driver is followed by a driver’s SUV. Beep’s CEO, Joe Mayey, told The Verge that people were following in a car to avoid a traffic jam and a roadblock to the COVID-19, due to traffic congestion and pedestrians.

The safe delivery of driverless cars and COVID 19 samples may provide a good example of how these vehicles can be used when needed.

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